Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coming soon.....Zeta Gundam

I build model kits too. I will have this ready by Sunday.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

My transformers--- City Commander and Shadow Commander

I really enjoy looking at these guys, and FansProject or FP, knows exactly how to make them. For years we begged Hasbro to make a better Ultra Magnus, but we never did get that one.

because of this image:

All we got was this:

Hasbro has cheapened its way out of making a real Ultra Magnus, and just gave us a white repaint of Optimus Prime. Well it’s not that, we have always seen Ultra Magnus in his armored glory. That has given him a clear distinction of being the other "white Prime" who role is to do "?".

But this City Commander armor, which is of course due to the whole copyright of UM by both Takara and Hasbro, has given us our own version of Ultra Magnus. This piece is a masterpiece to behold; I can't stop looking at my City Commander. Then FP bedazzled us with a Shadow Commander, which is just as nice. However, the nostalgia coming from the City Commander armor is a little harder to resist when you are playing with it.

FP has two more armors coming, the 500 piece limited edition set for the Powered Commander, which goes with the Classics Optimus Prime, and the D.I.A Powered Commander mass retail set, which goes with the Henkei version of Optimus Prime AKA Convoy. I will hope to get these soon, but I'm two-thirds the way right now, so enjoy some favorite pics of my favorite TF.


Friday, July 10, 2009


This one just has to be my favorite system. Most uncommonly known by it's code name "Revolution", it has to be hands down the best system around for your monies.


Well you get to do alot that you can't do with other systems, you get to finally interact with your game. Nintendo is smart enough to bring you cutting edge techology instead of super-glorified HD graphics of the current big no.1 and no.?

However, they haven't really released the main specs of the system. However since owning one, I see the graphics as a step above the Gamecube, another underated system.

Now there are the flagship titiles using Mario, such as "Super Mario Galaxy", "Mario Kart", and "Sonic and Mario Olympic games". However, there are others that are just as good, such as "No More Heroes", and "Mad World", which are more for the adult player, something Nintendo forgotten about with the Gamecube and N64

When I got my Wii, it came with "Wii Sports", a fun game which has tennis, baseball, boxing, and my favourite, bowling. Bowling with the Wii is the equivalent of going to the actual bowling alley. It gets hectic in my house so we wind up playing extra hard. Your arm controls the motion with the WiiMote to actually simulate holding a bowling ball. You get an intense workout trying to go for the all famed six pack!!

The only downside I see with owning a Wii is getting the extra accessories to go with your Wii. If you have a famliy, you need two Wiimotes, the standard bluetooth controller to access the Wii. You'll need the Nunchuck, to play boxing on "Wii Sports". You get one WiiMote, and a Nunchuck when you get your Wii right out the box.

If you use the rumble feature on your WiiMote, you will drain the life of the batteries pretty quickly, so a charging station will be needed. Also, to get a good deal on a second WiiMote, I would pick up "WiiPlay". This game comes with a bonus WiiMote and some minor games to play like billiards, and target shoot. Playing target shoot remined me of playing "Duck Hunt from the old 8-bit days.

Once you get the extra accessories, you will have lots of fun for you and your family.

We do have limited specs though, I will list them here and compare them to the Gamecubes specs.


IBM Broadway 729MHz
ATI Hollywood 243MHz
Up to 480p
(Internet Connectivity)
WiFi 802.11 b/g


CPU: 128-bit custom IBM Gekko PowerPC (485MHz)
GPU: ATI Flipper (162MHz)
Graphics: Chip developed by NEC
Colors: 16.7 million on screen
Polygons: 20 million per second
Game Media: 1.5GB 8cm optical disk developed by Matsushita/Panasonic
Resolution: 640x480 pixels
Sound: 16-bit Macronix DSP Sound Processor

Looks like with these specs, it's not a big jump from a Gamecube to a Wii like how the XBOX was to an XBOX 360.

Now some pictures to show eveyone.

and for those who don't have's a cool gadget to get you wired for online play: